Outstanding Stables

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Doha – 1st in CDI5* Grand Prix Freestyle with Touchdown 

Aachen – 1st and 3rd in Grand Prix Freestyle and GP at CDI4* Aachen with Well done de la Roche 

Hagen a.T.W. - 3rd and 2nd in GP and GP Special at CDI * with Forever Young HRH 

Compiegne – two times 2nd in GP and GP Freestyle at CDI3* with Well Done de La Roche and 4th and 2nd with Touchdown at CDIO5* Tour in GP and GP Freestyle 

Falsterbo – double win with Touchdown in CDIO4* GP and GP Freestyle   





Doha – 1st Place at CDI5*Grand Prix with Touchdown 

Doha – 1st Place at CDI5*Grand Prix with Touchdown  

Kronberg - 2nd in GP and 1st with Delaunay OLD in CDI3* GP Freestyle  

Frankfurt - 2nd in CDIO5* GP with Forever Young HRH  

Budapest - 1st and 2nd in CDI-W with Delaunay OLD 

Falsterbo - 1st and 2nd in CDIO4* with Zepter in GP and GP Freestyle  

Rotterdam - 1st and 2nd in CDIO5* in GP Freestyle and GP with Zepter 

Compiegne - three times 1st places and one 2nd place with Zepter and Forever Young HRH in CDI3* GP and GP Freestyle  



Herning – Winning CDI3* GP with Touchdown  

 Ludwigsburg - Double Win with Touchdown in GP and Freestyle 

Grote-Bogel – Double Win with Fiotini in GP and Freestyle CDI3*  

Compiegne – winning CDIO5* NC  




Doha – winning GP and GP Freestyle in CDI5* with Delaunay OLD 

Hagen a.T.W. - 3rd and 2nd place in GP and Special at CDI3*  

Pilisjászfalu - winning CDI-W with Delaunay OLD 

Aarhus – two 2nd places with Touchdown in CDI3* in GP and 4th and 5th place with Delaunay in CDI-W  




3rd Place with the Swedish Team at the European Championships in Rotterdam 



4th Place at the FEI World Equestrian Games™ WEG-D in Tryon  



3rd Place with the Swedish Team at the European Championships in Gothenburg 



Member of the European Championship Team 

Swedish Champion with Scandic 

Falsterbo Horse Show – with Deja 2nd Grand Prix and Freestyle 5*, with Delaunay 1st Grand Prix and Freestyle 3* 

Rotterdam - 1st with Scandic in Grand Prix and Freestyle CHIO Compiegne  

Hagen - with Deja 1st Grand Prix and Freestyle 

Doha – with Scandic - 2nd Grand Prix and 1st Freestyle 

Viduaban - 1st with Delaunay in Grand Prix and Freestyle 3*and 1st with Deja in Grand Prix 5*  




Swedish Champion with Toy Story 

He was named Swedish Dressage Trainer of the Year for 2014 by the Swedish Dressage Trainer Club 



Swedish Champion with Toy Story 

Member of the Swedish Team at the Ecco European Championships Herning with Toy Story 

Falsterbo Horse Show - 2nd in Grand Prix and 2nd in the Freestyle with Scandic 

WDM Munich - 6th in Grand Prix and 3rd Freestyle with Scandic 

World Cup Final Goteborg - 7th with Scandic 

WDM West Palm Beach 1st in Grand Prix and new personal record of 77.681% Second in the Freestyle - Scandic 

CDI-W West Palm Beach - 1st Grand Prix . 1st Freestyle n 

Qualified for the Nurnberg BorgPokal 



5th- World Cup Final - Scandic 

Member of Swedish World Equestrian Team (Kentucky) with Scandic Nominated for Swedish WEG team with Florett AS 



Member of the Swedish European Championship team, finishing 4th in team and 8th individually 



12th - German National Ranking 

Member of Swedish Olympic Team, finishing 4th in team and 17th individually  



With over 50 victories and placings to grand prix special a very successful year in 2006.  



Nordic champion (team & individual champion) with Heslegard ́ s Rubin 



Reserve listed for the Olympic team with Pasteur Swedish championship 



Appointment to it A card 

Reserve - World Cups in Jerrez 




Appointment to it B card