Outstanding Stables

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I am very fortunate to have a caring and supportive family around me. Lyndal, Ozzy, Bactus and I make up my little family unit at Outstanding Stables. Lyndal and I were married in October 2010 following competition at the Altec World Equestrian Games in Kentucky. We both share the same passion for riding and competition, and balance eachother out well.

My mother, Krisztina, has supported my riding from day one, doing everything she could to help me reach my goals. Whether this meant helping me buy my first horse, following me to competitions, or moving to Germany when I first relocated to pursue a bigger and brighter career, my mother has always been there.

I am very fortunate to have the support of my "family in law" the Oatleys. Sandy and Carol have always been a great strength for me, and support me so much both on their lovely horses as well as out of the saddle.. only shame is we live too far apart.

The Tecklenborg family have always welcomed me at Haus Giesking. Marianne and Rudolf's lovely property has become my German home, and along with it I have felt very lucky to have such an encouraging and welcoming family around me.

Lyndal and I call Haus Gieking home, along with our furry friends Ozzy, Bactus and Bella (the cats), and new family member the stray Jasper who now is an important part of the family also.