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All beginnings are difficult... My love of horses began with a round, saucy, self-confident shetland-welsh pony mix from a friend of mine in my home country of Sweden. I had a fantastic time riding him, even though from time to time we would have our "communication problems" which would end with me having full body contact with the dirt. At the young age of eleven I knew that horses would be my life, and my dream of riding at the Olympic Games was born.

My mother could not oppose this and soon after I was allowed to have my own horse. Being very professional with my selection, it was the lovely colour which won my heart! I was then a proud owner of a beautiful, highly complicated, liver chestnut mare who had neither the right work ethic or quality of gaits.

And her favourite pastime was rearing when something didn't suit her.

Nevertheless, I somehow managed to teach Anemon all of the movements up to Intermediare I.

I was pretty proud of this accomplishment.

Several times I was a participant at the Junior and Young Rider Championships in Sweden. Later, instead of participating in sports at school I had lessons with Inga-May Bylund in my timetable, Splendid! I wanted to learn more, I want to be a professional rider and for me there was only one answer: Going to to Germany and learning from the best. I began in the Dressage Stables of Klaus-Martin Rath, then still in schleswig-holsteins Boostedt, as "the boy for everything" - grooming, riding, and everything else. After two years I changed stables to Klaus Balkehol, where I learned an amazing amount, and at that time many top riders were training there.

For several years now I have been self employed, and have found my home on the beautiful farm "Eulenhof" in Westfalia's Nottuln, with the best training facilities and a wonderful atmosphere. I am fortunate enough to have a strong stable of competitive horses for competition and sale, with a good team behind me.

To date, I have competed in numerous championships, including European Championships, World Cup events, World Equestrian Games and in 2008 the the pinnacle so far to date- the Olympic Games with Floresco N.R.W. I have trained nearly 40 horses to Grand Prix level, and look forward to the challenge of hopefully the next 40!.

I would pesonally describe myself as a humerous, open minded, endeavourous, strong-willed person.

My motto: Be Happy!